Bob Legrand

For IT Testing & Quality Services

We listened to music on the best HIFI. Now we use the headset on the computer. The same happened to IT after agile. More possibilities, less Quality. Let’s expand the possibilities and bring IT back to HIFI quality.

Testing & Quality Services

  • Setup the Quality Improvement Roadmap: Together with you I will investigate what is needed to improve quality in your organisation and define a roadmap with quick wins, medium and long term measures 
  • Manage the Quality Improvement Roadmap: I will make sure that the improvement measures are executed, maturity is improved and results are presented.
  • Setup the Testing for a Project: Together with you I collect the requirements and risks for the project, define the test strategy and create the Master Test Plan
  • Setup the Testing for the Maintenance of a System: Together with you I collect the generic requirements and risks for that system, the architectural overview of that system and the business processes that use this system. I will define the test strategy and create a Generic Test Plan that can be reused for this system whenever there are changes, upgrades or releases.
  • Setup the Regression Test for a System: The logical next step is to setup a regression test that can be reused to test the system after changes or upgrades are done.
  • Setup Quality Assurance: Setup QA for your organisation based on the quality standards that apply to your business, create a quality dashboard, advise you on how to do QA. Help you become compliant.
  • Create a Transition Plan: I could setup your Plan for offshoring or near-shoring.
  • Reviewing of deliverables: I can review you deliverables like Requirements, Design, Quality Plans, Test Plans, Test Scripts, Reports to get the mistakes out and to give you extra assurance that you are on the right track and do the right things.
  • Coaching: I can coach everyone in your organisation who is working on quality, from Quality Managers, Test Managers, Testers, Consultants and Maintenance people.  

Quality starts at the Beginning

It has been said before. By Boehm and many others. You save a lot of time and money if you pay extra attention to the beginning of a project where you define your plans and collect your requirements. But actually quality starts even before that. The real beginning of change is what is actually running in production. Therefore you need to know what is in production. Is it documented? Is it modelled? That would help build (regression) test cases.

IT changed and so did Quality

Over the last ten years, due to agile and devops, testing is not only done by testers but also by other IT consultants and maintenance people. Do they have the knowledge? Or is it just monkey testing that they do? Is it documented? Do you know what the coverage of those tests is? Do you only test the happy flow or also the rainy day scenarios? Do you have a regression test that covers your landscape so we know what we need to test when changes come in?

Laying a proper foundation is crucial

We miss a lot, when we don’t have a proper foundation. Not only do we create operational vulnerabilities, but security vulnerabilities as well. So now we are back where we started: at the very beginning. Set up testing properly, with what is required with a limited amount of paperwork. Know your “as is”. Test your architecture and use it. Of course automate as much as possible… when you know what to automate. Maintain your regression test. Put a backup of your production environment (which you need for business continuity anyway) to test the “as is” as well as possible and improve the “as is”. Not to “to be” because “to be” does not exist, the world changes continuously. You change to the next “as is”. 

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