Your Horoscope: Goal and Possibilities

Bob Legrand

The System

Astrology is experience based. Astrology is complex and more scientific than you may think. Planets, signs, houses, configurations, spiritual points, special degrees, asteroids, fixed stars etcetera. Not one horoscope is the same. Also, a horoscope is not static, just as life is not static. Making horoscopes is analytical, intuitive and requires many years of experience.

Horoscope for you

You are here with a purpose. Small issue: nobody explained to you what that purpose is. They may have told you before you came here, but they erased that from your memory the minute you were born. Slowly by what you live through you may get an idea. The horoscope can help you get more insight into this. Traditional astrology show you your talents and possibilities that serve your purpose. Spiritual (or Karmic) astrology show you the purpose itself. I try to get to the core as quickly as possible and build up the horoscope from there. For only 70 euro I can do this for you.

Horoscope for the both of you

Where two people are together there is a “third person”, the relationship. Every person responds differently to another person. Every relationship is different. Some of them can be “karmic”, you have a theme to work out together. You met before. A relationship horoscope gives a lot of information about your relationship. It can be used for love relationships, parents-children, business relations etc. Any relationship. For 70 euro I can give you insight in the relationship you want to know more about.

Horoscope for businesses

The same way people have a birth horoscope, also countries or companies have a birth horoscope. For that you need the time and place it was founded. Every country or company (or sports club for that matter) has its specific characteristics or culture. I could help describe those characteristics and help with business matters like “is it a good time to invest?” or “is this a company where I would feel at home?” or “is this the right manager for our company?”. I worked for many large companies over the last 30+ years, so I know what kind of issues companies face and how processes work. The prices will depend on the questions that you have, on demand.

Who am I

I’m Bob Legrand, I’m now 59 years old. I studied astrology since I was 16. Especially combining traditional and spiritual astrology made me very successful in making horoscopes. Beside my work as a IT Test Expert I kept on making horoscopes and kept on studying astrology. Learning all the time. As a kid I wanted answers to many of the well known “Why” questions. I think I know how it works now. Later on I wanted to help others with my knowledge.

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